Native American tribe opens huge pot store near Fremont Street in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas’ newest retailer of recreational marijuana is also by far one of the biggest. Guests to the sprawling, 10,000-square-foot store are greeted by water walls, and exposed wooden posts and beams that give the place an upscale feel.

Benny Tso, chairman of the tiny Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, said 300 to 500 customers have visited each day since the Oct. 16 opening. He expects that number to rise significantly.


“Bud tenders” Letisha Mahrov and Abraham Ahmad explain various cannabis products to NuWu shoppers. (Jay Jones)

Roughly 15 to 20 of the 100 or so employees are Paiutes, a tribe in Nevada that has just 56 members. “It’s an economic driver for our tribe, to help our people,” Tso said.

Unlike bargain prices at some smoke shops — those selling tobacco, that is — on Native American reservations, prices at the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace in downtown Las Vegas are “competitive” with other sellers of marijuana.


Dog treats are among the cannabis-laced products sold at NuWu. (Jay Jones)

In addition to the wide variety of cannabis-infused products and paraphernalia found at other marijuana retailers, the store sells merchandise such as T-shirts and ball caps. There’s also a display case stocked with THC-laced products for dogs that claim to help with problems such as excessive barking or itching.

The products at NuWu — it means “the people” in the Paiute language — are priced similarly to those at other stores. The tribe pays the same 10% excise tax to the Nevada Department of Taxation. “We’re under a microscope, because we’re tribal,” Tso said. “We want to play fair. We want to be totally transparent.”


The NuWu Cannabis Marketplace in downtown Las Vegas opened in mid-October. Located on tribal land, it has 10,000 square feet of retail space. (Jay Jones)

The store is at 1235 Paiute Circle, along North Main Street just north of East Washington Avenue. That’s about 1.5 miles from the popular Fremont Street Experience. Recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on July 1.


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